Gleaning Procedure with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04 Jan 2023, by Admin in General/ Logistics

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Gleaning Procedure with Spokane Edible Tree Project

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Contact the Tree Owner

SETP always gets permission before gleaning. Gather information about the tree(s) and the property with assistance from the tree owner. Details to gather:

  • Tree owner’s contact information
  • Tree types
  • Number of trees
  • Tree heights
  • Location of the trees on the property
  • Additional notes about the trees and quality of fruit

Gleaning Equipment Arrangements

These are questions about equipment to consider when preparing for the glean.

  • What kinds of equipment will be needed for the type of fruit you will be harvesting?
  • What equipment will the organization provide?
  • What equipment can the tree owner provide? If the fruit is high, does the tree owner have ladders that volunteers can use?
  • Who will transport the equipment?

Before the Glean

  • Pick a meeting location. For gleans at homes, SETP suggests meeting at a public space close to the location, then carpooling to the home.
  • Recruit volunteers. Promote the glean through social media, the organization’s website, email blasts, etc.
  • Determine where the fruit will go after the glean, and who will deliver it.
  • Print forms. Your organization might want volunteers to sign a gleaning liability waiver and a check-in sheet. Have your forms ready to bring to the glean.
  • Load the vehicle with gleaning equipment.

During the Glean

  • Make sure volunteers complete any required paperwork.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to harvest the fruit.
  • Make sure everyone knows how to safely use equipment.
  • Thank everyone for coming.

After the Glean

  • Take the produce to a storage location or a distribution partner (if applicable).
  • Weigh the produce or ask the distribution partner to provide a receipt with the weight.
  • Submit donation receipts, forms, and any notes about the glean to office staff for record keeping.
  • Send a thank you letter to the tree owner.