Make a Process Map with WA State Gleaning Network

27 Dec 2023, by Admin in General/ Logistics

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Make a Process Map with WA State Gleaning Network

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When tackling any project, it’s crucial to maintain a record of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. This could be as simple as creating a process map. You can use many different platforms including a Google Doc, Word file, or a spreadsheet to journal what you do each day.

 Alternatively, you might opt for a project management tool like Notion, which can help you organize your tasks effectively with project deadlines and process maps. Keeping these records isn’t just about passing down your knowledge to the next person after your term ends; it’s also a fantastic way to reflect on your progress and processes to help you grow into your next position. Documenting your work can become an essential tool, allowing you to monitor your advancements and stay on track with your VISTA Assignment Description (VAD).

The steps you take should align with your overall plan. For instance, if your goal is to establish communication within your network, you’ll need to break down the necessary steps. This might involve creating a newsletter (using platforms like Mailchimp), setting up discussion forums, organizing regular collaboration meetings, and using various communication channels for updates and events. These steps essentially form your project’s work plan and can be organized based on due dates, required resources, and timing. Break these down further into individual tasks, scheduling them into weekly and daily plans. Tools like Workflowy or Notion can be incredibly useful for organizing these tasks, allowing you to keep track of your progress efficiently. Particularly, Notion is excellent for noting down when you learn something new, which can be invaluable for your monthly reports, Articles, and your Sustainability Binder, ensuring you don’t miss out on any crucial details.