Tabling with City Fruit

30 Nov 2022, by Admin in General/ Logistics

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Tabling with City Fruit

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Written by Vera-Camille Ingressa, Fundraising and Development Specialist VISTA.

Tabling is just like it sounds: laying information about an organization out on a table, sitting behind it, distributing that information, and answering questions. Simple enough, but why do it? Tabling is a good way to get out into the community as an organization. At such events, constituents are usually present in some numbers already, there to hear or see how your work affects them. It’s a great way to build recognition, and form more personal connections with those you serve or seek to serve.

City Fruit’s tabling comes in a couple of different forms. First are their Fruit-For-All free farm stands. These give out fruit at no cost and with no questions asked. Folks walk up, and after choosing some fruit, can stick around to hear staff speak about other services City Fruit provides. Second are City Fruit’s informational tabling events. If City Fruit’s Fruit-For-Alls serve the community, these events seek to build that community, getting more people aware of and interested in what they do and how they help. Lacking fresh fruit to give, these kinds of events have more paper and souvenir materials available, using other ways to draw people’s attention.

Both kinds of events have been very helpful to City Fruit in recruiting volunteers, understanding who is served, and building relationships with hosting venues or organizations.

Materials to Table

So, what do you need? You need a table and chairs, to start. It is common for these to be provided, and tents too if the event is outdoors, by hosts. City Fruit displays materials with information about their various programs, presented in a few different ways: flyers, pamphlets, and cards, to name a few. Stickers, buttons, and bottle openers are also given out. This year, City Fruit has experimented with drawing in people with a colorful prize wheel, which can be spun to determine what tabling favor to take!