Marketing at Community Food Share

25.03.2020 in Visibility

These are the most successful marketing strategies used by the Garden Share program at Community Food Share: • Word of mouth was one of the most successful ways to get volunteers into the Garden Share programs. Volunteers that were already part of Community Food Share’s work were interested in how to get involved in other ways..

Marketing and Visibility at the Community Action Center

19.03.2020 in Visibility

The second year VISTA took on the role of creating handouts, flyers and posters through Microsoft Office for the classes and demonstrations that were offered by the Community Food department. The templates for all these advertisements were saved to the host site’s server so that they can be replicated and reused for future programs..

Marketing and Visibility in the Community with SoSA Florida

10.03.2020 in Visibility

The donor relations efforts are both components of SoSA’s overall marketing and visibility efforts. Volunteer and donor outreach and maintenance is in and of itself marketing. Tabling at conferences, visiting farms and distribution centers, and donating produce all highlight the efforts and significance of gleaning..

Marketing and Visibility with OIC

26.02.2020 in Visibility

Harvest Against Hunger VISTA’s first year in Yakima was establishing and showcasing the projects and goals through community engagement and partnership development by starting to let people know what the program is by word of mouth, emails, flyers, information booths, etc..

Marketing & Visibility at IRC

25.02.2020 in Visibility

There are positives and negatives to marketing and visibility strategies for a small program situated within a large company. On the positive side, New Roots has access to the many avenues through which the IRC promotes itself and its clients, including Facebook posts, email blasts, and community events. Often, IRC programs..

WSU Clallam Marketing/Visibility

24.02.2020 in Visibility

Marketing and Visibility During the first year of the Community Food Projects, the VISTA’s work has primarily been building relationships – and therefore visibility and recognition – within the local community, specifically among other emergency food relief and food security groups whose partnership will be…