Outreach Strategies at the Green Urban Lunch Box

17 Nov 2020, by Admin in Visibility

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Outreach Strategies at the Green Urban Lunch Box

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Outreach Strategies

The 4 year-round staff members all have access to GULB’s main social media accounts. This is helpful because each individual staff member provides a different style of content, and it’s easier to not get burnt out on always thinking about an instagram caption. Each week a different person manages social media. GULB uses the Later app to schedule posts and see if somebody else has created content already.

Due to COVID-19, GULB can’t hold in person events or go door to door causing them to rely heavily in social media and forms of non-contact marketing:

     •  Instagram, facebook, newsletter, twitter. 

     •  radio ads

     •  offering special social media deals (Such as B-grade fruit sales and CSA share discounts)

     • flyers that we could leave in areas with a high density of fruit trees in the hopes that people would sign up for GULB’s Fruitshare services. 


GULB highlights community partners that accept the fruit donations or provide GULB on social media and in newsletters. This shows the community where the gleaned fruit is going, how it can be used, as well as introducing other small, local businesses.

GULB’s longest community partnership and largest community event  is with Mountain West Hard Cider. Every year GULB partners with Mountain West Cider to create a delicious hard cider. GULB collects apples over the course of the season that will be used to create the cider. GULB harvests around 5,000 lbs. of apples for Mountain West and once all of the apples are harvested, GULB and Mountain West hold an apple cider pressing event. Here volunteers can come to help, sort, grind and press the apple into cider. Mountain West then ferments the cider, creates a GULB Mountain West collaboration label, and sells it during Fall and winter. GULB receives a small commission, but also receives marketing and visualization from the cider pressing event and label.