Working with Interpreters at IRC

13 Nov 2020, by Admin in General Resources

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Working with Interpreters at IRC

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Working with Interpreters

The different programs at the IRC all work with interpreters to varying degrees. There are certain guidelines to keep in mind when working with interpreters to ensure that the conversation between staff and clients goes as smoothly as possible and not too much is lost in translation. 

The IRC has a contract with Language Line, a phone interpreting service. After calling Language Line and providing the customer code, T-codes, client information and language needed, you are connected with the interpreter. If you need to dial out to a third party, let Language Line know before they connect you to an interpreter.

Step 1: Preparation

Once on the line with the interpreter, introduce yourself and give them a brief overview of your program. Then describe the discussion topics and who you will be calling. 

Step 2: Ensure Client is Comfortable

In order to ensure that the client you are calling feels comfortable, let them know that the call is confidential. It is also important to make sure that the interpreter is only interpreting and is not having side conversations with you or the client. They may ask clarifying questions about what is being said to better inform their interpretation. 

It is also important to remember that the interpreter will be able to most accurately interpret your message when you use clear and concise language. The interpreter will be grateful if you say a sentence or two and then let them translate.