Produce Buyers Club Overview with Concrete Jungle

24 Apr 2023, by Admin in Produce Purchasing

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Produce Buyers Club Overview with Concrete Jungle

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Written by Meggie Stewart, Communications and Program Expansion VISTA.

The Concrete Jungle Produce Buyers Club (PBC) purchases imperfect produce from local farms for distribution to nonprofit partners in the Atlanta area at a discounted price. 

How does PBC work?

  1. Concrete Jungle works with their farm partners to identify imperfect, discounted produce and makes it available to other nonprofits.
  2. Nonprofits such as food pantries place orders for the produce online.
  3. CJ purchases and transports produce to our facilities in Atlanta. 
  4. Buyers can pick up produce or CJ can deliver it at a time selected by the buyer before their scheduled distribution. 
  5. Buyers are billed for the produce and delivery after shipment.

Why is the produce discounted?

The produce is considered “seconds” because it isn’t fit for traditional retail outlets. This means the produce may be too large, too small, crooked, or have some other sort of aesthetic blemish. Despite looking imperfect, the produce is fresh (delivered within days of harvest and stored in a walk-in cooler), delicious, and full of nutrients. 

Who is impacted by this program?

  • Farmers have a revenue stream for imperfect produce that they previously had to throw away
  • Nonprofits can provide fresh produce without needing adequate storage and transportation for perishable produce. Many food pantries can only offer non-perishable foods because sourcing, transporting, and storing produce can be expensive and time consuming.
  • Families who visit the food pantry have regular access to nutritious, fresh produce
  • The Earth has less food waste, thus reducing the need for landfills and carbon emissions!