Marketing and Visibility with Community Services of Moses Lake

07 Jan 2022, by Admin in Visibility

Marketing and Visibility with Community Services of Moses Lake

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Community Services of Moses Lake did not to turn down any gleaning opportunity the first year. If the donation created saturation for a specific type of produce locally, efforts were made to distribute large quantities of that commodity to another part of the state using existing relationships with the hunger relief system. This instills a confidence in the community that no matter how large or small, every donation counts!  The best marketing for CSML was traditional media outlets such as local newspapers, radio stations, and online news reports. Such stories produced the greatest number of donors and large groups for volunteering opportunities. Facebook provides a forum for reaching a broad audience, including those in rural communities that may not receive the paper.

Partnering with the Master Gardeners, WSU Extension, Farmers Markets, and community gardens encouraged community support to collaborate with the people interested in growing and possibly donating produce. Networking in a monthly community roundtable meeting led to a chance to engage the editor of the local newspaper. A brief introductory email was sent which included a request for coverage in a trade show magazine, which in turn sparked continuous coverage throughout the season. This partnership led to the AmeriCorps member contributing biweekly for the “Bits and Pieces/Gardening” column in The Columbia Basin Herald. Reporters were available for gardening events and one participated in the SNAP challenge that CSML hosted, reporting on his experience with the challenge. The support of the local paper was invaluable in recruiting new donors, and connections made will continue to raise awareness and coverage in the coming years.

An informational presentation to the Sunrise Rotary in Moses Lake led to an invitation to join the group providing another forum for outreach. The Sunrise Rotary Club works closely with the new Skill Center alternative high school and is beginning an InterAct club to engage the youth of the area. Connections were made to process excess produce in the future while giving students the opportunity to learn and fundraise.

In 2013 and again in 2014, CSML was invited to The Gorge to partner with Dave Matthews Band for a unique opportunity to promote local sustainable foods, while also raising awareness about hunger. Reusable water bottles are sold and the profits go to a local organic farm which turns into fresh produce for the food banks. In 2013 over $3,500 was raised and in 2014 that amount was over doubled. 

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