Fruit Tree Gleaning Tools with Spokane Edible Tree Project

04 Jan 2023, by Admin in Fruit Tree Harvest

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Fruit Tree Gleaning Tools with Spokane Edible Tree Project

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Orchard Ladders

Orchard ladders, or tripod ladders, have three legs to increase stability and allow gleaners to position the ladder securely between branches when picking high fruit. They’re available in various heights. Spokane Edible Tree Project owns 10-foot orchard ladders, which are secured to a truck with ratchet straps for safe transport. Some commercial orchards loan SETP ladders for gleans on their property.

Aluminum Platforms

These platforms give gleaning volunteers an extra boost for picking fruit that’s difficult to reach from the ground. SETP uses sturdy platforms with folding legs that lock into place.

Harvest Bags & Harvest Aprons

Harvest bags and harvest aprons have pouches that can be used to collect fruit. They can be secured to the body with straps, freeing up hands to harvest.

Fruit Pickers

These tools have a small basket with prongs mounted on a pole, and are great for reaching high fruit. The prongs are used to gently pull the fruit from branches into the basket. A foam pad can be placed in the basket to minimize bruising of fruit.


Having crates of a consistent length and width makes them easy to stack. SETP uses foldable crates, also known as RPCs (reusable plastic crates), for easy storage.


Food-grade buckets, such as 5-gallon restaurant buckets, can be used for storing and transporting fruit.