Education at Tacoma Farmers Market

31 Mar 2023, by Admin in Education

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Education at Tacoma Farmers Market

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Written by Danyelle Neumann, Fresh Express Mobile Farmers Market VISTA. 

Key to introducing healthier choices into people’s lives is educating the public on the produce available during the season. This includes how to prepare different kinds of produce they may not be familiar with. Such as rainbow carrots, tomatillos, or kohlrabi. Unlike grocery stores, who have all produce available throughout the year, TFM offers local, organic, seasonal fruits and vegetables that some people may be interested in trying but are intimidated by the unknown. The Fresh Express Mobile Farmers Market VISTA is there to provide information on how the different produce taste and ways to prepare them. Recipes should be explained in an easy-to-follow manner. Brochures are donated by the Washington State University Extension Program that help to give more information on the varieties of produce and passed at the mobile markets.