Communications and Visibility with Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

21 Dec 2023, by Admin in Development

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Communications and Visibility with Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

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The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board requires onboarding training with the software Constant Contact within the first few weeks of service. This resource took a bit of adjusting too and has drastically advanced within the past few months, but is great for storing list serves, email campaigns, and viewing email/social media reporting data. The AmeriCorps member was the main sender of emails for the Food Sovereignty Coalition, like the example attached below with information for the food fair contest at their gathering. She attached clickable links to entry forms and infographics she constructed in Canva. 

While using this resource, the AmeriCorps member frequently referred back to the notes she took during onboarding and eventually gained confidence using this resource but it takes time and patience. Another useful part of this software is its ability to send test and preview emails for revision purposes, this creates the opportunity to grasp what the viewers would see.

Additionally, the WEAVE-NW program possesses a group account with premium access. This allows the team members to have access to all images on the app and they can share resources easily with individual programs folders. The AmeriCorps member became most proficient in this software as it made creating flyers fast and easily. This outlet worked great with her creative learning style and she never shies away from recommending others to use Canva for all its resources. The volunteer even assisted her host manager and project director in editing their Maternal Child Health ECHO monthly webinars for the Intertribal Breast and Chest-feeding Coalition to utilize and disperse.

  1. Event reminder flyer created by Luca through Canva, was for the Northwest Tribal Food Sovereignty Coalitions Water Potato working group subcommittee. The meeting was graciously hosted by the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge. The meeting had 14 attendees including her Harvest VISTA Leader and the Harvest VISTA Program Director, who tagged along after their site visit at NPAIHB.
    2. AmeriCorps member Luca assisted the University of Idaho, Coeur d’Alene Tribe, and 4H in advertising their collaborative youth event that ended up hosting 30 local Coeur d’Alene tribal teens. Luca utilized Canva to design a simple but effective image. The students learned traditional and regional practices for food sovereignty through arts and cooking. The flyer assisted in attracting students to sign up and was shared by local schools in Idaho.
    3. The first poster that AmeriCorps member Luca created for her program, was for a food security survey partnership with the University of Washington. The flyer was sent to all Northwest tribal delegates and was on display at all events the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board’s WEAVE-NW program attended. This flyer came as a final push for responses prior to the closing of the survey and the beginning of the data collection process. 30 more responses were generated after the release of this resource.