Growing Plant Starts with Elk Run Farm

16.04.2021 in Plant a Row/ Starts

Growing Plant Starts It is always a good idea to be looking for supplemental forms of income for a project such as Elk Run Farm, where most of the funds have been sanctioned for specific needs such as building physical infrastructure. Selling plant starts is a…

Donor Relations with Elk Run Farm

24.04.0001 in Donor Relations

South King County Food Coalition (SKCFC) and its farm, Elk Run, are a unique partner with Harvest Against Hunger in that there is no actual gleaning involved. Instead of recruiting and coordinating with farmers and community members to donate produce, the Harvest  VISTA is responsible for…

Educational Opportunities and Classes with Elk Run Farm

24.04.0001 in Education

Education is a huge part of nonprofit farming and emergency feeding programs in general. Additionally, if you can teach people to be more self-reliant and in touch with the overall food system, they will be able to make healthier and more informed choices. Furthermore, there…

Food Bank Farms and Gardens with Elk Run Farm

24.04.0001 in Farms/ Gardens

Food Bank Farms Elk Run Farm: Elk Run Farm currently grows produce that goes directly to those in the community who can least afford it and who live in areas where access to healthy food is limited. Staff is devoted to growing high quality produce…

Marketing and Visibility with Elk Run Farm

23.04.0001 in Visibility

From the very beginning, Elk Run Farm has always emphasized the importance of partnerships throughout every step of the journey, including funding, volunteer management, and marketing/visibility. Founded by the South King County Food Coalition (SKCFC), partnerships have always been based on sharing best practices and…

Volunteer Relations with Elk Run Farm

23.04.0001 in Volunteer Relations

The South King County Food Coalition (SKCFC) serves a remarkably large area that encompasses diversity in land, people, resources, and more. The unique relationships between the food banks and local resources means that volunteer relations is both a challenging and rewarding element to the project….