Produce Recovery with Society of St. Andrew MS

20 Dec 2022, by Admin in Market Recovery

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Produce Recovery with Society of St. Andrew MS

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Anywhere where there is an accumulation of food, there is waste, and can result in a need for gleaning! This can occur at a trucking company, farmers market, grocery store, farm, packaging warehouse, and even at produce stands. Anytime produce is accumulated, there can be a loss. Some veggies get too hot or cold in transport, any number of factors can cause produce to age prematurely. It’s important to tell partners at any one of these locations to be aware of SoSA, how quickly we can respond, what types of food can be handled, how much food can be received and the best way to reach the SoSA state office. Often times, it’s easiest to find out what communication methods they prefer or what days they have the most loss of product. This way, it’s easier to know when to follow up with them and how. Gleaning in a farm gets food to feed pantries and showing up at a trucking warehouse gets you food to feed food pantries as well as grocery store donations. It’s important to identify capacity limits and capabilities with every produce recovery opportunity.