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Kitsap Harvest

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Kitsap Harvest started in 2017 driving around Kitsap County in a pickup truck gleaning fruit trees. The fruit would be taken to places like the food bank until volunteers suggested instead of adding to the abundance of apples and plums the food bank already had, bring the freshly gleaned food to a senior center nearby. Kitsap Harvest found there was a part of their population who need access to services like the food bank to get fresh, nutrient-dense produce but are limited in their resources to even get there. Acting as the last mile, Kitsap Harvest created an aggregation/distribution hub where produce gleaned can be sorted and sent out on their delivery truck to senior centers, recovery centers, homeless youth and veteran programs, and other organizations feeding those in need.

The programs under Kitsap Harvests tree are Gleaning, Distribution, and Grow-A-Row which encourages home gardeners to grow and donate excess produce to Donation Stations set up around the county. People can’t survive on fruit alone, so this helps Kitsap Harvest supply a more balanced diet of fruit and veggies to the people it serves as well as create a system of home gardeners growing food for their community. Grow-A-Row also supports community gardens by supplying starts and seeds as well as helping to find volunteers.