History at Blue Mountain Action Council

12 Oct 2021, by Admin in History

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History at Blue Mountain Action Council

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Blue Mountain Action Council (BMAC) has provided social services for low-income people in Walla Walla since 1966. The BMAC Food Bank serves food insecure people in 4 counties through 24 partner agencies across SE WA state. The Food Bank distributes over 10,000 meals each day to food pantries in the valley and individuals through bi-monthly distributions. BMAC runs multiple programs to combat food waste and redirect food to those in need. Each week, BMAC’s team makes rounds to local grocery stores, rescuing food that may otherwise have been thrown away. BMAC partners with Whitman College Glean Team to glean excess produce at local farms that would otherwise be tilled under. BMAC, in partnership with Harvest Against Hunger and WSDA, runs a Farm to Food Pantry Program to buy produce from nine local farmers and provide the freshest, most nutrient dense foods to those experiencing food insecurity.  In 2021, BMAC began it’s second Harvest VISTA program to date, bringing on a Food System Coordinator AmeriCorps. The first VISTA works to secure more fresh produce for food banks, operates the gleaning program, facilitates the Walla Walla Valley Food System Coalition and promotes BMAC’s mission. The next two years will build upon the first years work to continue to expand and strengthen programs.