Fresh Express Mobile Market Set-Up at Tacoma Farmers Market

31 Mar 2023, by Admin in

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Fresh Express Mobile Market Set-Up at Tacoma Farmers Market

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Written by Danyelle Neumann, Fresh Express Mobile Market VISTA

The Fresh Express Mobile Market serves six locations in Pierce County; Asian Pacific Cultural Center, Bay Terrace, Bergerson, The Rise, Trinity Lutheran Church, and Bonney Lake Food Bank. The markets are held throughout the year and provide fresh and organic produce which is purchased from local farmers and sold at the mobile markets. A refrigerated truck is used to transport set-up equipment such as tents, containers, other needs, and produce is kept cold in transport. Upon arrival at each site, a tent and tables is set-up outdoors. Fruit and vegetables, along with vinegars, chocolates, and pickled items are displayed for people to purchase. Produce availability depends on the season. People can use their EBT cards to purchase produce. Up to $40 will be matched with match bucks. For example, if someone spends $20, they will receive $20 to use on produce, at no additional cost to them.