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Indigenous and Tribal Communities Program

The Indigenous and Tribal Communities model will provide support to organizations, agencies, or nonprofits through building or expanding capacity in Indigenous and Tribal communities. Harvest VISTA members placed at these host sites will first conduct a thorough needs assessment and build partnerships with local agencies, working closely with community members to determine the best course of action. Through program coordination, volunteer management, grant writing, and curriculum building, Harvest VISTA members are able to provide additional support to organizations serving these communities.

Potential Harvest VISTA activities could include: 

• Develop traditional food system programs and curriculum for youth. 

• Create a database or resource guide to share traditional growing, harvesting, and seed sharing practices. 

• Recruit and manage volunteers for gleaning, produce recovery, or food system events. 

• Research and apply for funding opportunities to support local organizations in the community.  

• Create programs to support development of community agricultural systems. 


Current Host Sites:

VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) examples:

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