Donor Relations with Clark County Food Bank

05.01.2022 in Donor Relations

Establishing a solid donor base broadens the diversity of fruits and vegetables available, makes it a community effort and brings in more fresh produce.  Farmers often don’t know that food banks accept produce, or where the closest emergency food agencies are located. Connect them to…

Donor Relations at City Fruit

13.10.2021 in Donor Relations

Every year, City Fruit harvests fruit from hundreds of privately owned fruit trees throughout Seattle. Each spring, the Harvest Team contacts all tree owners registered in City Fruit’s Salesforce database. Over time, 7,000 privately owned trees have been registered in their system. City Fruit communicates…

Donor Relations at Blue Mountain Action Council

12.10.2021 in Donor Relations

Donations are key in supporting the Blue Mountain Action Council Food Bank. BMAC receives support in a multitude of ways. BMAC receives in-kind resources including food, especially produce as well as monetary donations. Individual donors, including backyard gardeners and community gardens, consistently donate small amounts…

Donor Membership Levels at the Green Urban Lunch Box

17.11.2020 in Donor Relations

When a donor invests in the Green Urban Lunch Box, they are directly support GULB’s programs: Back-Farms, FruitShare, Small Farm Initiative, and our Free Farm Stands. 100% of monetary donation goes towards eliminating food insecurity and waste, while supporting local, urban farming efforts in Salt Lake County.

Donor Relations at Iskashitaa Refugee Network

09.11.2020 in Donor Relations

The generosity of donors can be classified into three categories for IRN. Donations received include monetary donations, fruit donations, and donations of miscellaneous supplies; solicitation of all these donation types are leveraged online.

Donor Relations at Community Food Share

25.03.2020 in Donor Relations

Donor Relations Outreach to donors began in the winter of 2016/2017 when the first VISTA arrived. An Excel file was created that included all local farms, their contact information, types of produce they grow, and an indication of if they were a new or returning…

Donor Relations at the the Vashon Food Bank

13.03.2020 in Donor Relations

Creating a strategic plan for donor outreach makes the growing season more bountiful for farmers and food banks alike. Winter is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of farmer downtime to introduce one’s organization or build on an existing relationship..

Donor Relations: Community Agencies (SoSA Georgia)

10.03.2020 in Donor Relations

Agencies are the third side of the triangle of gleaning. Agencies are the places where gleaned food is distributed to those who are in need. Agencies can take a variety of forms. The goal is to get the produce onto the tables of hungry people as quickly and fresh as possible..

Donor Relations: Farmers (SoSA Georgia)

10.03.2020 in Donor Relations

Farmers are foundational to the gleaning network.  Growers must know that gleaning operations are not trying to “take advantage” of them, or do any harm to their crops, land, or business.  It is essential that they understand that we have their interests at heart, as well as the needs of the hungry in our communities..