Welcome, Vera-Camille!

05 May 2022, by Admin in Harvest Blog, Harvest VISTA, City Fruit

Vera-Camille works as a Fundraising and Development Specialist for City Fruit. City Fruit is an organization focused not only on the distribution of harvested orchard fruit throughout Seattle, but the establishment of new orchard sites, the fostering of communities around them, the training of master stewards to tend to them, and youth empowerment through appreciation and care for them. City fruit spreads awareness of the city’s urban orchards, a resource that can sadly go untapped for many who could stand to really benefit from them.

After going to college and living in Texas for a while, Vera-Camille settled in Seattle. A year and a half later, she became an AmeriCorps member of the Harvest VISTA program and the City Fruit team. There she works to help realize the vision of City Fruit; everyone ought to have access to fresh local fruit. Her hobbies and interests are listening to music, making music, making art, taking care of her plants, and going for walks. Vera-Camille is looking forward to serving her community during her time as a Harvest VISTA, and hopefully for many more years to come!