Welcome, Kate!

05 Mar 2020, by Admin in Harvest Blog, National VISTA, Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Born and raised in Ohio, Kate Crooks is a recent graduate of The Ohio State University. Kate received her Bachelor of Science in environmental public health and was ready to start addressing the pervasive intricacies of food insecurity. Throughout her undergraduate career Kate participated in her university’s alternative break program, Buck-I-SERV, as a participant, trip leader, and advisory board member. Not only was it her favorite part of her time at OSU, but it also enhanced her understanding of service and social justice. With these guiding ideals, Kate pursued the  Harvest VISTA position with Iskashitaa Refugee Network (IRN) in Tucson, AZ and is beyond excited to learn and serve with the IRN family.

Iskashitaa assists United Nations refugees and asylum seekers in self-sufficiency and citizenship through innovative food-based programming. Through these harvests, markets, and other events they instill their overarching mission of reducing food waste and increasing food security throughout their entire community. Kate will be working on systems to improve volunteer management, building capacity within the organization to engage more volunteers at all levels of the network including through Arizona internships and customized opportunities for volunteers across the United States.