Volunteer Relations with Community Farm Connection

06.01.2022 in Volunteer Relations

One of the main goals of the season was to inform the public about Community Harvest’s successful gleaning projects. But in terms of recruiting volunteers to participate, the project has some improvements to make.  Challenges  1. New project: people were a little hesitant to get…

Volunteer Outreach with Clark County Food Bank

05.01.2022 in Volunteer Relations

Recruitment There are many ways to help potential volunteers discover the fun and enriching volunteer opportunities available to them. Always start with your organization’s current volunteer base to recruit for a new gleaning program. Let your existing volunteer base know that friends, family, or affiliated…

Orchard Steward Work Parties

15.10.2021 in Volunteer Relations

The Harvest VISTA worked alongside the Senior Program and Education Manager  to create a schedule of monthly work parties that will take place at any of the 14 parks City Fruit stewards. Depending on the season, tasks can range from digging tree circles and mulching…

Volunteer Relations at City Fruit

12.10.2021 in Volunteer Relations

Written by Jordyn Egbert, Fundraising and Development Specialist VISTA.  Updated by Vera-Camille Ingressa, Fundraising and Development Specialist VISTA.  Volunteer relations are managed by City Fruit’s Education and Volunteer Programs Manager. Volunteers sign-up through City Fruit’s website, which directs them to TimeCounts, where all volunteer hours…

Running Group Trips at Boston Area Gleaners

12.11.2020 in Volunteer Relations

• Extending gratitude for the farm’s commitment to reducing food waste and increasing food access

• Citing the total amount donated by partners, in pounds & servings, and telling a story of where the produce went—with testimonials from partner agencies

• A rundown of the donation totals for the particular farmer. This is an official tax document and must include key language and data. Annual copies of this documentation are saved in the shared “Operations” folder on the BAG server.

Volunteer Relations at Community Food Share

31.03.2020 in Volunteer Relations

During the 2017 season, 150 volunteers dedicated 6,000 hours of service to the Garden Share programs. This was an increase of 40 volunteers and almost 1,500 hours from the previous year when the VISTA was not present. In 2018, 300 volunteers worked with Garden Share through Earth’s Table, events, and gleaning. They dedicated nearly 6,000 hours of their time..