Turning to Monthly Giving as a Reliable Income Source

06 Oct 2021, by Admin in Harvest VISTA, Harvest Against Hunger

Aaron New is a VISTA Leader with Harvest Against Hunger in Seattle, WA. In his role, he aids the program by developing outreach and fundraising strategies to expand Harvest’s capacity to work toward their mission. He also provides mentorship and professional development opportunities to the VISTA cohort as they serve at their locations around the country.

Nonprofits are all too familiar with the struggle of finding funding to keep their missions active. From international groups all the way down to local operations, they utilize various techniques to raise money. Harvest Against Hunger works to leverage a variety of sources to fund the work they do, and though they accomplish a lot, there are still gaps they look to fill.

To alleviate some of this problem, Aaron turned to revisiting the Harvest Partners program. The program, which had been active in prior years to engage and retain recurring donors, had fallen to the wayside for a multitude of reasons and had been all but steady in the new decade. As a result, the organization lost a reliable stream of income and became more dependent on large grants and individual donors. Aaron reviewed the existing program, worked with staff at Harvest Against Hunger, and developed a plan to revitalize Harvest Partners so that it could once again become a strong player in fundraising.

Why choose a monthly giving program? Beyond its ability to generate a constant stream of income for nonprofit organizations, it allows them to build stronger relationships with their donors. In most cases, the process for people to sign up for these programs takes just moments. It’s a convenient way for them to contribute to missions they care about without needing to put much time or work into it – this often translates to donors staying on for years, and even decades in some cases!

Looking forward, Aaron and the staff at Harvest Against Hunger are working to incorporate the program into their messaging, and will continue to grow the program as it soft-launches this fall and continues into the holiday giving season. In this time, they hope to build Harvest Partners into a thriving community of donors and supporters of Harvest’s work across the country.

Learn more and sign up on Harvest Against Hunger’s website.