Welcome, Hannah!

27 May 2020, by Admin in Harvest Blog, Green Urban Lunch Box

Hannah Goggin is one of the newest Harvest VISTAs serving with Harvest Against Hunger and currently serves with GULB in Salt Lake City. She is a recent graduate from Miami University, where she majored in Environmental Earth Science and Sustainability. Her interest in sustainable food systems comes from first hand experience growing up on a small farm in rural Ohio and working as an outreach intern with a local farmer’s market in college. Hannah believes that the biggest shifts in the food system will come from improving the system itself by increasing efficiency, minimizing waste and finding new ways to collaborate. Outside of work, Hannah loves to prepare new dishes featuring seasonal produce as well as explore her new home in Salt Lake City!

The Green Urban Lunch Box (GULB) is a food justice non-profit organization located in Salt Lake City that seeks to empower people to connect to connect to their food and community by revitalizing urban spaces and building a resilient food culture. In an effort to combat food waste, GULB created a fruitShare program that targets the thousands of fruit trees growing in homeowners backyards, collectively producing hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh fruit each year. The fruit share program leads small groups of volunteers to harvest the fruit from previously neglected trees, organizing roughly 30 harvests per week during the peak season. The fruit collected is split three ways between the homeowners, volunteers, and GULB-who redistributes it to local senior centers, food banks and cancer centers.