Marketing with Kitsap Harvest

13.03.2023 in Visibility

Kitsap Harvest has a budding social media presence and has tabled at local events. Having a presence at the farmer’s markets and participating in events like the county fair, festivals and things like neighborhood garden tours has been great for engaging with the public. Volunteer…

Donor Relations at Kitsap Harvest

13.03.2023 in Donor Relations

Grow-A-Row collects donations from home growers, community gardens, and vendors at the farmer’s markets. Shoutouts in the newsletter and Facebook posts are how donors see how much they are providing, and some receive thank you cards. At the end of the market season, vendors who…

Volunteer Recruitment at Kitsap Harvest

13.03.2023 in Volunteer Relations

The Grow A Row Coordinator VISTA works with Kitsap Harvests Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and manage Grow-A-Row volunteers. Volunteers sign up through the Kitsap Harvest website and indicate which program they are most interested in, then the Volunteer Coordinator sets them up with a task…

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