Harvest VISTA Positions

Are you interested in hunger relief, food waste, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, or public health? Want to build your skills as a community organizer and leader by creating community buy-in and strengthening relationships between food banks and farmers? Interested in capacity building and program sustainability? Join a network of committed Harvest VISTA to increase the healthy food accessible to food insecure populations!

All applications are due by July, 22, 2020. Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis – submit your application today!

Columbia Gorge Food Systems Coordinator, Washington State University Extension Office (Goldendale, WA)

 In this role, the VISTA member will conduct a needs assessment, take inventory of local assets, and identify gaps in statewide services missing from Klickitat and Skamania Counties. They will also work to identify funding opportunities and develop partnerships with local agencies to advance programs that best serve the needs of the food insecure in the Gorge. During their term of service, the VISTA will create a sustainability plan for these programs that includes evaluations and recording impacts. The VISTA will be given opportunities to play to their individual strengths and special interests around food systems, as approved by the supervisor.

Volunteer and Program Coordinator, Concrete Jungle (Atlanta, GA)

While Concrete Jungle harvests 30,000+ pounds of produce each year, they collect from only 10% of the fruit trees around Atlanta. They believe we can harvest much more produce if they can leverage our existing resources to build capacity. They hope to engage an AmeriCorps VISTA member to build our capacity by formalizing processes around their fruit tree management, volunteer events, and produce distribution programs. The VISTA will also create a volunteer management strategy and leadership programming while piloting the satellite Concrete Jungle program.