PCC/NFM Program

Our new collaboration with PCC Community Markets & Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets

PCC Community Markets began partnering with Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets last year after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, in response to the public’s rising levels of food insecurity. Working with Harvest Against Hunger and the tools and knowledge of our preexisting Farm to Community programs, PCC initially donated $80,000 to NFM to help establish a CSA-type contracting model that would allow NFM to provide upfront payment to local farms to get their produce to food banks, as many small farmers were unable to sell their produce in the usual avenues when markets and restaurants began to close.

With PCC’s donations, along with over $212,000 in funds raised by PCC shoppers for the PCC Food Bank Fund, this program been able to partner with 15 Seattle-area food banks and 14 farms across 7 counties around WA since March 2020.

This program is extremely beneficial to our operations because we are receiving locally-grown, high-quality product. This program provides access to an assortment of produce that is not generally available to the food bank or our community members who are facing food insecurity.
Mike Hatada
Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank


PCC/NFM is a partnership between PCC Community Markets and Seattle Neighborhood Farmers Markets with the goal of providing both an alternative income stream for local small farms, and fresh produce for Seattle area food banks. The partnership was initially meant to be a short term solution to Covid-19’s impact on the local food economy, but its growth has allowed it to establish itself in the Seattle community. The program has continued to expand, and is preparing for another year of farm-to-food bank contracting.


  • Sno-Valley Farms
    Windy Acre Farms
    Present Tense Farms
    Lee Lor Gardens
    AG Family Farm
    Alvarez Farms
    Canales Produce
    Farias Farm
    Hayton Farms Berries
    Kirsop Farm
    Regino’s Farm
    Cabrera Farms
    Mariposa Farm






      Food Distributors

  • Chicken Soup Brigade
  • Byrd Barr Place
    Des Moines Food Bank
    Ballard Food Bank
    University District Food Bank
    FamilyWorks – Wallingford Food Bank
    North Helpline – Bitter Lake/Lake City Food Bank
    Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank
    Jewish Family Service- Polack Food Bank
    Maltby Food Bank
    Hopelink- Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland
    Rainier Valley Food Bank
    West Seattle Food Bank
    Westgate Chapel